Chief Market Hackers Win Upstream

Upstream marketers capitalize on the power of their partners.

Market Hacking Strategy 101: How XaaS Innovators Become Superpowers

Market hackers know that upstream sell-through trumps downstream sell-to. That's why they creatively rely on Distribution @ the Core of alpha partner offerings to drive adoption of their B2D & B2B anything-as-a-service (XaaS) ingredients.

The key to attracting and retaining alpha partners that bake you in to their apps, clouds, networks and solutions is a well-crafted platformula ---the creative fusion of your platform functionality, sticky B2D packaging, and partner monetization/incentive model. And it doesn't hurt to equip your BizDev & partner revenue team with killer content strategy & execution that strongly communicates the 3-Dimensional Value Proposition of your XaaS offering.

At Platformula Group, we get cloud/mobile convergence, distributed application architectures, and the opportunities they create for XaaS innovators. We help developer-led startups and growth-stage players build and execute market hacking strategies that activate the high-growth Superpower Pattern for their business. Let's get started.


Market Hacking & Killer Content

In the XaaS economy we know that hacking markets--- and hacking market conversations through exceptional content---go hand in hand.That's why we created Platformula Group Content Marketing Services---To assist B2D startups, B2B growth players, and their agencies of record build 3-dimensional value propositions, creatively crash conversations, drive permissioned demand, and establish category thought leadership on today's highly contested market landscapes.

Superpower Pattern: Intern Opportunities

Are you an enrolled college student preparing for a career in software development, management, or high tech marketing? At Platformula Group we are researching and documenting the "Superpower Pattern" or lifecycle of market hacker dominance as it manifests today in the XaaS economy

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